It doesn't seem to matter the color or size of the "Sign
- it is always among the most popular. Classical
proportions and elegant lines contrast ripped edges and
a bold slit down the center.
It's a happy compromise
between traditional and modern art.
"Wrap Arounds" combine precision forms with             
 flowing slab enhancements. A sophisticated vessel       
 is the result-
striking in all colors.

Simply put, these faux foods are fun and look unbelievably real!
Have confidence that they'll appeal to all tastes. Choose from fruits,          
cheese and baguette, pigs in the blanket...
All images and designs copyright of Kaolin Pottery. All rights reserved.

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                    Helpful tips
below cover most occasions.
Not sure of someone's home decor? Both black and white offer neutral
  choices. Black adds a bit of drama. White is soft and warm.
Their rainbow-like finish make the
"Auroras" a versatile selection to
complement most decorating schemes.
They are upbeat with a contemporary
"Embraceable You" is ideal for any occasion reflecting a loving       
 union whether it's for someone
you love or for a couple celebrating  
 an anniversary, wedding, or engagement.
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