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New Works

Since much of our work is customized, each year we are challenged to
create many new artworks. Also, our overactive imaginations force us to
reinvent our artistic selves when we dedicate studio time to new pieces
for display at our showroom or for exhibits at other galleries around the
Here's a look at some of the most recent designs...enjoy!

W  A  L  L    A  R  T
A  growing trend to hang sculpture on the wall or to display in a plate stand (atop a table or shelf) demands that we rethink
traditional free standing designs. Many are totally new compositions, others are reconfigurations of already popular themes.
We applaud this concept as it recognizes ceramic art equal to more conventional fine art mediums like painting and
It also allows  for additional display of 3D works when tabletops and pedestals are occupied!
TRIBUTE PLAQUES  ( special wall art for special occasions)
These custom pieces highlight aspects of one's life incorporating personal details of family,
pets, career, hobbies, photos, etc.
Vinnie was surprised by this wall sculpture
featuring clay renditions of his classic car and
trees mounted in front of an enlarged photo
of his home - (don't ask how hard
that was!)
Click to view details of
the plaque's 2 corners
Trumpet hangs or stands upright
We sculpt lots of animals . Period. Especially giraffes.
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A N O D I Z E D  V E S S E L S
Glazes and metallic stains unite to simulate a surface finish likened to anodized metal.
Beautiful, festive, and each signed vessel boasts its own pattern.


3 views of "Swirling Lino"
('Lino' series tribute to the maestro glass artist, Lino Tagliapietra)
F A U X   F O O D   &    F A N T A S Y   F O O D
'Mae West' pear (far right) is the newest
addition to this family of
fresh fruit.
What would the Andrews sisters think?!

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V R O O O M !
'Black Beauty' consists of over 20 components thrown on
the potters wheel which are then sculpted into a classic car.
Our most difficult endeavor by far!
(approx. 18" long)

2  views of ''Night and Day, You Are the One''

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M  U  S  I   C
Front and back of "Lucky Calf''
Tap Dancing Giraffes
It was inevitable, the birth of the baby tap
(little known fact: the colorful spots of the
harlequin giraffe above start as brown spots
when just a young calf)
♫ Somewhere... ♪ over my right lobe ♫... in my brain...♪  

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The " Toots Zinsky Vessel"
Linda commissioned a tribute plaque in honor of her husband Kennny's milestone
birthday.In preparation for  
her milestone birthday, Linda gave Kenny dimensions of the
perfect wall space to hang his gift to her (top photo)! 3 cheers for subtle hints!
Linda's proir gift to Kenny
Linda's tribute plaque
Tea For Two, his & her sculptural teapots
(sold Individually)