The arrival of a newborn, a milestone birthday or anniversary, a
wedding, retirement, or holiday – all are occasions we anticipate
for loved ones.  It’s natural to want to mark the event with a
meaningful, lasting act.  
But how?

For honorees already well suited with necessities, you'll have to get
more creative!

We display works designed just for these kinds of events.  Also, we
customize the gift to express the joy synonymous with the
celebration.  We’ll even
tailor it for the specific recipient(s).

You’ll take pride in giving a unique artwork while someone else will
feel the heart felt love behind it.

See how others have approached milestone occasions.
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Specializing in...

If you are lucky enough to celebrate a milestone occasion of a person or a couple dear to you, and    
doubly lucky to afford it, then order a 3-D Tribute Plaque.

Friends and family often chip in for this heirloom artwork, which acknowledges the honoree’s lifetime
accomplishments (professional and personal), hobbies, favorite places, pets, anecdotes….  Strategic
photographs usually are included within the composition.  
Photo Finish
Tribute Plaques   &   Photo Finish
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Photo Finish
Standing Sculptures
For moderately priced personalized gifts, consider a Photo Finish plaque.  These plaques are just
what their title implies. Provide us a photo image of the subject(s) and how you would like them
depicted, then we’ll create a 3-D bas-relief artwork of them.  

Can’t think of the right composition?  Tell us some highlights, like personality traits, favorite movies,
hobbies, sports, etc. and together, we’ll come up with a piece that will make someone’s “Top 10   
Best Gifts I Ever Received" list !
 (Can hang on a wall or stand upright on a plate stand)
about her pets.
Steve (far right), an
art collector and
novice gardener,
embodies the
farmer proud of his
hot dog habit.
Sometimes a superimposed photograph augments the sculpture rather than being the central theme.  
For instance, one’s image atop a noted journal or magazine adds an element of surprise and fun!
More images upon request, Contact Us
* See how Tribute Plaques evolve from an idea to a 3D sculpture. Click Trade Secrets
Mollie and Milton, Wall Street mavens, have
their photo on the
Wall Street Journal as part
of their sculpture.