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5 cards = $12
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20 cards = $38
50 cards = $92
100 cards = $178
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Scroll through the following categories on pages 1- 3: Generic cards,  Food, Nudes, Animals, Instruments, Teapots, Sports, Misc.

Designs  include  humor, beauty, whimsy, sentimentality, boldness, sensuality, fantasy, and the wild side!
BL-N-01 Fresh Fruit
BL-N-07 Jump For Joy
BL-N-03 Lago Guagamole
BL-N-09 Love Is In The Air
BL-N-08 Pear Trio
BL-N-14 Skinny Dipping
BL-N-02 Splashhh!!!
BL-N- 04  What A Pear!
BL-N-06 Sunset Dip
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Gifts !
BL-N-11 Fiddle With An Attitude
BL-N-10 Frolic Vintage
BL-N-12 Frolic, 3 views
Generic Cards
BL-G 02 Trumpet Congrats
BL-G 05 Trumpet Celebrate
BL-G 04 Trumpet Bi-level Anniv.
BL-G 03 Trumpet Happy B'Day
BL-G 01 Trumpet Thanks
Would you like the trumpet
to be blowing a different
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The images on these blank cards often send a message without any words.
Use your creative, sentimental, funny, and  romantic side to express the rest...!
All images and designs copyright of Kaolin Pottery. All rights reserved.

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selections in
Greeting Cards !
BL-F 02 Pigs 'N Blanket

BL-F 10 Unzipped Pear
BL-F 08 Rare Pear
BL-F 07 Yummy
BL-F Fresh Fruit

BL-F 04 Pear Trio

BL-F 01 Pear Trio Titled

BL-F 03 Classic Fruit
BL-F 06 Lago Guacomole
BL-F 09 Embraceable You

BL-F 12 Xmas Pear

BL-F 13 Chanukah Harvest

BL-f 11 Happy Nude Year

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Blank Cards page 3: Instruments, Sports, Misc.)
BL-N-13 What a Relief!
BL-N-05 Chauffeur's Day Off
BL-F10 What A Pear