Art collectors who once limited their 3D selections only to glass
now seek
ceramic art to expand their collections.  We have  
dedicated over 25 years to this goal and we’re gratified to
contribute to clay’s  status as
Fine Art.

Enjoy these innovative designs and eye-catching palettes.  
Discover how the elegance of our soft-white clay is punctuated by
red hot reds, hues of the aurora borealis, or for added drama –
black highlights.

Observe rotating sculpture with
360° views.  Some are playfully
interactive while others are narratives whose stories unfold as
the artwork spins.

We strive to evoke pleasure through clay.  Often, this is achieved
by incorporating your ideas into a
customized piece.  Molds are
never used, so a
signed original is guaranteed.
All images and designs copyright of Kaolin Pottery. All rights reserved.